Amazônia Soul's Açaí is a delicacy brought directly from where the best açaí of the world is made: the islands close to Belém...

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There are no words to describe the sensations that this extremely original institution from Amazônia awakens. For the people of Pará, it is...

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The vatapá came originally from Bahia, but gained a whole new personality in Amazônia. It is prepared with peeled dried shrimps sautéed with onion...

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About Us

Now the rivers of Amazônia can be found in Rio de Janeiro. Amazônia Soul, the first Amazon Store of the world, gathers in the same place colors, smells and flavors of the most desired region on the planet. From the açaí that comes from the best source to the delicious tapioquinha, passing through the marajoara and tapajônica ceramics, biojewels and cookies to die for. A never-before seen concept of store, made by people from Amazônia, based on sustainable development and on the proven quality of its products. The delirium and delights of the forest, ready to conquer you.

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